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How do marginalized people navigate marginalized religious spaces? Specifically, this dissertation will look at the ways LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) and trans practitioners navigate religious spaces. This project will look at Santeria/Lucumi practitioners and how they navigate various aspects of religious life including relationships with god families (godparents [those who initiate an individual] and and their godchildren) and their iles (religious houses) overall. In Sociology, religion is often seen as a positive and beneficial space, but this is not always the case for LGBT individuals. Santeria/Lucumi is often characterized as homophobic/transphobic or as particularly allowing of gay people. Given these disparate understandings, and regardless of what may be 'true' for the religion overall, how do practitioners navigate religious space, and what do they gain that keeps them in the religion/religious community if the practice is not inclusive or particularly isolating for them as LGBT individuals.